Our Service Promise

JW Walls considers you,
our customer, our number
one priority.

What we design, how we design it, how we print, how we pack - everything is done with the intention of giving you a brilliant product that we can be very proud of. This Service Promise lists the things we guarantee you. It also has lots of useful tips to make your JW Walls shopping experience a great one.

returns POLICY

Have a 100% refund unless you are
completely happy

We only want happy customers and that means we want you to be thrilled with your JW Wall. If for any reason you are not, please get in touch straight away so we can help sort out whatever the problem is.

If you would like a refund then please email us straight away and obtain a 'return code'. You will be asked to send your JW Wall back to us in the original packaging and place a note of your name, address and return code inside the box. Once we get your wall back a refund will be completed within 7 days and a credit placed against the original credit or debit card you used to make your purchase.

All 'returns for refund' must be made within 7 days of the receipt of your wall. Please note we are not liable if your wall has not been measured properly, unfortunately we can only work to the criteria specified when placing your order.

You can start the procedure to obtain your refund by emailing us at refunds@jwwalls.com.

our quality

We keep a very close eye on every part of our production process to make sure that what reaches you is perfect in every way. Everything we do is carefully checked and every package that leaves us is 100% quality approved.

Your wall will be delivered with a special document that shows the checking procedure it has gone though. Colour is checked, cutting is checked and size is checked to make sure that what is in the box you receive is exactly what you ordered. Our quality controls are the final stages of your shopping experience and that means that to us, they are probably the most important part of what we do. They are our last chance to make sure we have got everything 100% right and we take them very seriously indeed.

Have a look for yourself, you can view a copy of our QC check list here.


If you find you are not happy with your JW Wall for any reason, you can also exchange it within 14 days. Please get in touch so we can make sure you get a new wall that is perfect for you.


we are here to

You can contact us for help at any time. Email is the best way and will be quickly picked up by our support staff even during hours when we are closed for business. These are the links you can use:

for help designing your wall: designer@jwwalls.com

for order queries: orders@jwwalls.com

for installation queries: installations@jwwalls.com

for all other queries: support@jwwalls.com


How we make your wall

JW Walls is part of the Harlequin Display Group of companies. We have won lots awards for our printing over the years and are proud to say that we have built a reputation for great quality. You can check out the Harlequin Display website to find out more about us, but what you will see is that Harlequin has a history of producing all sorts of display products for some of the world's greatest retail brands. Our promise to you is that we never consider one customer more important than another. Your wall will be produced in exactly the same way, and checked just as carefully, as anything we might print for any of our larger clients.

Every stage of production is planned using the best quality technology and materials - even the box your wall comes in has been designed to make sure is works perfectly. We think these details make a difference to how you feel about your purchase and encourage you to buy again and recommend us to your friends.  


JW STANDARD is a very high quality wallpaper type material. Our 'Standard' in this case is set very high and if you have a normal wall, in a normal space and you want the finish to be durable and look great - this is the one for you.

JW EASYSTICK is clean to put up because there is no pasting. There is perhaps a little more to learn as most of you will have pasted up a wallpaper at some time, but if you follow the instructions there is nothing to fear.  Easystick is wipeable and really durable with a smooth finish best suited to smoother walls. Remember to check out the video tutorial.

JW TUFFWALL is, well...... tough! If you want something pretty bullet proof then this is the one for you. Tuffwall is designed to spend it's life getting heavy traffic and plenty of knocks and bumps. We would advise that this is the material you chose for more commercial applications and where you are pretty sure your wall is going to get some rough treatment. It is heavier than the other materials and this can make installation a little harder work but it really will take a 'direct hit' and stay looking great.  Tuffwall also has a really nice canvas style finish that gives it a feeling of extra quality.


JW products are chosen to stay looking good for years and every design is wipeable and mark resistant. We are well aware that you paid good money for your wall and every effort has been made to keep our end of the bargain by supplying you a really good quality item in that delivery box. A JW Wall is not cheap and we know you expect top quality from us.

A good installation is the key to a long life for a JW Walls product. Plenty of paste on the edges of the materials (followed by the use of seam roller) is really important - never be mean with the paste! Ever! Any surfaces that are damp should be completely avoided so have a really good check of your wall before you install and make sure that it is sound and dry.

WIPE - If your wall gets a little dirty just use a damp (not wet) none-abrasive cloth to gently wipe away dirt and marks. Don't rub too hard and take your time, but do not worry too much as the surface will take a lot more wear than you think. The inks we use to create your walls cures with UV light and that gives the image a really tough finish.

STICK - If an edge comes up because there was not enough paste used do not worry, you can stick it down again. Use a little paste on your finger and wipe it under the edge. DO NOT LIFT THE EDGE TO DO THIS - just wipe it into place making sure it goes under the the area that has lifted, wait for a couple of minutes BEFORE sticking it back down, then smooth it down with a seam roller and wipe away the excess paste with a damp cloth. Easy.

HEAT - Standard temperatures are fine. Kitchens and bathrooms need a little more thought and you should be practical when thinking about where you want to put your wall. STEAM IS NOT A GOOD THING - please avoid it completely as to date, there is not an adhesive that exists that will resist repeated steaming from a regularly filled bath or sink (this is how wallpaper removers work!). But do not be afraid of putting materials in standard warm room environments, they will be just fine.

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