Measure Your Wall

There is an old saying that we would like you to remember, ‘measure twice and cut once!’
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Your wall

Your wall will be made with a little extra image all the way around the sides which gives you a little breathing space for the odd mistake, but it is really only to make sure you can trim your wall to a perfect finish so take your time to get this right!

Measuring Width

Measure the horizontal distance from corner to corner.

Measuring Height

Measure the vertical height at each corner as walls are never perfectly square. If different, select the greater of the two height measurements.

If in doubt follow the most simple rule of all ‘more is better’.

Most designs are pretty flexible and trimming the excess normally does not harm the overall look.

Oh, and use a tape measure! (sounds a little obvious we know). Do not use a ruler or a set square where you have to add up measurements to give you a final size. This is a really common way mistakes are made.

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Some of the best walls are the ones that are made to fit a more unusual space so don't be put off if you have a sloping side here or there. Just measure to the widest and highest points to create a wall that will fit into your space. You can trim and cut a sloping ceiling as easily as you can trim a standard edge, so be adventurous! Just remember to consider what you will be cutting away when you are cropping the design or image during your purchase.

Or get in touch with your wall dimensions and we'll take it from there.

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