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Installing your JW Wall

This is going to be a little DIY project not a massive technical challenge. All of our materials are chosen to make installation of your wall really easy and if you follow the simple instructions everything will go smoothly.

Your delivery will include the simple installation guide that will guide you through the steps. You can check out these installation instructions and helpful video specific to each of our materials by clicking your material choice below:


JW Standard
A fantastically fine finish and a quality wallpaper that will be tough and durable. A simple paste application. Our most popular.
JW Tuffwall
A really tough material but with a subtle textured surface for a special finish. Ideal for high traffic and commercial spaces. A simple paste application.
JW Easystick
Ready to go out of the box with an adhesive backing that will require no paste. Clean and professional.

Simple steps to a beautiful wall

These are the things that you should pay special attention to:
  1. Make sure your wall is dry and sound

    Make sure your wall is as smooth and even as possible. Check there is no damp or mould

  2. First drop is the most important.

    Take time to make sure your first drop is in the right place and is straight. Follow the simple instructions you get but take your time with this first piece.

  3. Check your overlaps have got plenty of paste.

    If you are installing a wall that needs pasting, make sure you do not miss the edges when you are applying glue. Excess will wipe away so use plenty

  4. Cut slowly and use a very sharp knife.

    Use a nice straight edge as a guide when cutting and go slowly. If you take your time the results will be so much better.

  5. Get a friend.

    Like most of these simple DIY jobs, two sets of hands are better than one. Get a little help, especially on really big walls.

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