Uploading an Image

‘how big should the
file be?’

There is no golden rule but as a guide think minimum 500kb for files and 8 mega pixel camera if you are about to take some shots (although this is not a minimum requirement and other cameras are often fine to use).

The bigger the file the better the image quality will be and high resolution pictures certainly work the best. A normal picture taken on an 8 mega pixel camera and saved onto your computer in an standard way will be about 5MG in size. Most programs (such as iPhoto) will save your pictures as jpegs (.jpg) as their default setting and these are perfect for you to send to us to create great walls.

There are lots of other file types that will work well too – jpeg, png, bmp and tif are all fine so please don't worry too much about what you supply us. We will check to make sure it will work and contact you if we think there might be a problem. And, you can always order a test piece of your wall to see if your are happy with it before you place your order.

Test print of
your own image

You can order a test print of your own image to check how it will look. These special prints are produced as a 1m x 1m section, printed on a basic paper material to keep costs low. These test prints serve as a guide to tell exactly what you will be getting, whether you are happy with the image quality and how your image will look when we print it.

your image

We can help you edit your image. If you would like us to change a colour shot into black and white for example, just include your request with the file you send by email. We will do whatever we can to ensure your image is the best it can be, but we are not able to perform miracles! For example if the image is not in focus we cannot make it sharper for you so please try and make sure that you are happy with the quality before it leaves you.

Cropping your

Cropping (changing the part of the image you will use for your wall) is a great way to make sure you get perfect results on your wall. Cropping can make all the difference to your finished result so spend a little time on this part of the process, try a few variations and use our preview tool until you get things just right.

Something very important to note: changing the crop dramatically can change the quality of the final image. If you take a tiny part of a picture and zoom closely on it you are effectively reducing the size of the file your are printing from. Use half the image to make your wall? Well that will mean that you have halved the resolution that we are printing from.

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need help?

If there is something else you would like to know, visit our help pages or email our Customer Care Team directly.