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custom wallpaper printing


JW Walls is part of the award winning Harlequin Display Group, We love to print and we print the very best, for the very best.


custom wallpaper printing

2011 - POP Printer of the Year
2010 - Poster Printer of the Year
2009 - Innovative Printer of the Year

JW Walls is part of the Harlequin Display Group of companies. We have won lots awards for our printing over the years and are proud to say that we have built a reputation for great quality. Harlequin Display Group has a history of producing all sorts of display products for some of the world's greatest retail brands.

Well, what we can promise you is that we do not consider one customer more important than another. Your wall will be produced in exactly the same way, and checked just as carefully, as anything we might print for any huge company.

wallpaper printer

We use the best machines money can buy and the most modern technology we can get our hands on to control the image on your wall. Every stage of production uses the best quality materials and even the box your wall comes in has been designed to make sure is works perfectly. We like this kind of detail and it shows in the work we do for you.

part of the Harlequin Display Group