Frescoes on the spherical vault


From the Scala collection of fine art images a replica of Giusto de' Menabuio's famous fresco Paradise completed in the Baptistery of the Duomo, Padua.

suggested Maximum width: 2970mm
Based on 1.2m w x 2.4m h
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Giusto de' Menabuoi

Giusto de' Menabuoi

 Italian painter. He was a native of Florence, but all records of his activity and all surviving works are in or from northern Italy. Together with the Veronese painter Altichiero, and following in the wake of the native Guariento, Giusto helped establish Padua as a major centre for the development of late 14th-century painting. His work illustrates the widening stylistic gulf in the years following the Black Death between the activities of Florentine painters working in Florence and those of artists either born there or exposed to the influence of Florentine art before the mid-century, but working further north, where, after c. 1350, the most significant developments of the Giottesque legacy took place. Beyond a shared Florentine tendency to monumental form, his art increasingly diverged from the style of Orcagna and his school, and Giusto's expansion of the pictorial possibilities suggested by Giotto, Maso di Banco and Taddeo Gaddi in the early decades of the century is bolder than anything attempted by the painters of late 14th-century Florence. His career may be divided into two phases: work in Lombardy, 1350s and 1360s; and from c. 1370 in Padua, where he enjoyed the patronage of the Carrara court.

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